3 Ways to Setup Your Home Router

Setting up a home router had never been easier before. Gone are the days when you would be relying solely on the technician to assist you in setting up the home router as it is now possible to do all that by yourself. All you have to do is find the relevant and required information. There are many tutorials, which are easily available online and would guide you setting up the router within a short period. There are many articles as well, which are available to guide you in setting up the router especially if you are a kind of person who likes to read things in a step by step manner. 

Setting up the Hardware 

First of all, there would be a need to set up the required hardware. You need to connect the hardware and for that, you have to purchase a wireless router. There are many available in the market; however, try to get the one, which has the best reviews online. Next, you have to connect your router to the modem. Then you would need to connect devices that you want to hand wire. With the ethernet, try to connect one computer. 

Broadband Providers 

Your device needs to be connected to the broadband providers. Visit the website of the internet service provider. You are living in the era of modernization and information technology so if there is anything, which is quite confusing at this point, it would be a good idea to watch an online tutorial as a step by step instruction becomes quite easy for some people through the help of such means. 

The Router should be Configured 

You have to find the IP address of the router. A web browser, which is connected to the router would assist you in the process. Go to the wireless settings after entering your password and the user name. It would be wise to enter the name of your wireless network. Remember to choose a security method to be safe from hackers. There is so much going on in the world. Even though we are a part of the modern era and are living in the world of information technology, it is quite tough to protect oneself from the hackers, which is why taking the precautionary measures is extremely important in this regard. Do not forget to create the passphrase and make sure it is tough. Do not forget to save the settings and later you can change the password and username from default. If there are certain sites that you want to block, you can. 

Finally, you can connect your device by entering the required and relevant information. If this particular information is not clear it would be a good idea to see the tutorials or find the images, which provide step by step instruction as it becomes a lot easier to follow the visual image. Take benefit of the technological advancement and get the most information from different sources, after all, setting up your home router would be a great achievement for you and you are likely to feel proud of it as it would be like an accomplishment for you – read article on what is the difference in routers